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Our Absolute Carbon grow media products increase yield, reduce cultivation risk, and ensure crop consistency. They act like a battery, storing water, nutrients, air, and probiotics that power plant growth.


Pure Life’s carbon-based growing media and filtration solutions are formulated from an advanced biocarbon known as Hortichar, chemically similar to biochar, but with important advantages for plant health.


Biochar is a form of charcoal that’s created when organic materials are heated in the absence of oxygen to temperatures of 500-600°C (a process known as pyrolysis). Biochar contains high levels of organic carbon and enriches soils by storing and slowly releasing the water and nutrients that help plants grow. It also acts like a sponge, removing contaminants that can prevent strong and healthy plant growth.


Our proprietary hortichar-based products are dramatically more efficient and environmentally responsible than existing technologies, improving modern farming outputs while protecting the earth.


Absolute Carbon’s uniquely high-carbon content offers a built-in algae inhibitor and filters out contaminants—including harmful bacteria, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Absolute Carbon is extremely hard, won't break down, and improves with use and age.



Eco-friendly: organic, reusable, sustainable and non-toxic

Horticultural grade: Encourages more nutritious produce and higher yields

Produces more attractive foliage and brighter blossoms

Reduces risk of disease and pests

Retains nutrients and water, aerates soil

Longevity: lasts > 25 years without breaking down

> 85% fixed organic carbon

Superior carbon sequestration

Helps eliminate algae and fungus gnats

Detoxifies contaminated soil

Absorbs and degrades (detoxifies) pesticides & pollutants

Negatively and positively charged: pulls in significant amounts of nutrients, water, etc. as it has both a Cationic and Anionic Exchange Capacity

Pore structure encourages beneficial microbe colonization

Reduces nutrient runoff to lakes, rivers, streams

Increases soil pH

Improves soil structure

Higher ability to capture & imprison volatile organic compounds (VOC) than other materials

Eliminates tip burn caused by fluoride

Easy to use and handle


Pet safe

Absorbs/binds up pet urine/urea

Replaces potting soil in terrariums

    ABSOLUTE CARBON - Available in 1-7mm

    SKU: ICE0094
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      This growing media is first in it's class and considered to be an up-and-coming product that's sure to revolutionize the industry.

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      Your Cannabis plant will thrive as long as the roots have room to grow and have consistent access to fresh water, oxygen, and the proper nutrients. There are a variety of ways to satisfy all these needs of a Cannabis plant while growing.

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